We bring forth our vast industrial experience and expertise in this business, instrumental as the wholesaler, trader, and retailer of Modular switches, Electrical sockets, Electrical switches, Exhaust Fans in Chennai, Amaryllis Exhaust Fans in Chennai, and Electrical Components. Our optimum products are provided with the supreme quality declaration.

Norisys Modular Switches

Norisys special material plates set the standards for stylish design combined with top quality materials: Solid Aluminum, Solid Glass, Solid Wood, Solid Marble finish.

Amaryllis Exhaust And Ventilation Solutions

Bathroom fans are must-have not only to manage odors but also to properly vent hot, moist air that builds up as you bathe or shower, which can lead to mold, cause corrosion to fixtures, and even damage painted and wooden surfaces.

Whitelion Home Automation Solution

Whitelion provides the best smart home solutions to its customers. There are different models of touch switches at Whitelion. It reacts even to the slightest touch. The human body has a weak electrical charge. Therefore, a sensitive sensor can pick it up.

The Power Behind Atomberg Fans

BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current. The motor runs because of an interaction between a single winding and strong permanent magnets. The commutation is deployed by smart electronics. Thanks to the BLDC inverter technology and our proprietary sensorless algorithm, Atomberg fans consume just 28W at full speed.